Digitising Books

Digitalize books
Before our international move, we did a quick discussion on what are the things we are going to move over, to dispose of in Japan and 1 of them would be the vast amount of books we had at home. Sushi san loves books, even though he is too busy nowadays to read anything but I would still received book deliveries to our home at times. It is a myth to me on why he never stop buying books when he has no time to read. In fact, they usually just got unpacked and goes on the bookshelf these days and he always reply me that he would “read” it some day.

However, before the some day came, we were due for another move and this time across the borders. It is far too expensive to ship these books and he told me he would find time to digitize the books. Apparently he have all the gadgets needed, it wasn’t his first time doing it. He has a huge digital collection of books inside his hard disk space. So apparently, he doesn’t keep anime figurines but books *_*

Digitalize books
It was amusing to me as I never know that you can convert your books to e-books at home. (Pardon my ignorance) However, the books would have to be sent off for recycling after you are done as they are reduced to pieces of paper. First you remove the books, then use the cutter board to cut off the book bind.

Digitalize books
then you get the book in nicely cut pieces.

Digitalize books
Then you just place your cut books on this Fujitsu Paper scanner, which auto feeds and scan both sides of the paper automatically and converts the scanned paper into pdf.

Digitalize books
Though he said that he was going to scan the books but no prize for guessing who actually did it since we have tons to do before our move. This is just the tip of the ice berg ne! 😛


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