Rounding up 2014

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Tried to ski first time in my life but I wasn’t too good, only managed to walk in the skis but it was a fun day in the snow.

Watched my first sumo match and enjoying my last days as a Waseda student.

Graduated from my 1 year Japanese program in Waseda, then started with a private school for another 3 months and finally passed my JLPT N2 in July.

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Visited Disney resort not twice but thrice, 1 time in January to Disneysea for our birthdays, 1 time in March with my friends in Waseda and one last time to celebrate my freedom after studying really hard for N2 test.

Did my 2nd Hanami in Japan, enjoyed the short span that the sakuras were in full bloom.

Spent more time in my small kitchen with various recipes and whatever was recommended on the TV.

Sushi san finally got to bring lunch boxes to work after I did not need to go to school daily but it was only for 3 months that he got lucky.

Managed to go for strawberry, cherry and grape pickings this year.

The before and After pic of our #homemade #umeshu #plum #liquor #梅酒

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Our 2013 Umeshou was finally ready for drink

Did a lot of stuff on the whim like heading out early from home just to wait in line to get to drink from from a ICE bottle of cola during the summers, going on a solo trip in a countryside in Japan, taking walks in the afternoons exploring various parts of Tokyo and eating a live octopus.

No big trips this year as we had to make a unprecedented move so we decided to travel around Japan more and visit Seoul, South Korea which is only 2.5 hours away for 2 times.

Finally, another BIG move and we would be back in Singapore for the next few years.

Lucky to be able to come back to Japan for Christmas and New Year to enjoy the cold weather and lots of great Christmas illumination is various parts of the city.

Got to check one of my to go places in Japan by visiting the Nagano Snow Monkey park to watch cute snow monkeys enjoying their hot spring. Luck is definitely needed when you visit the park and the monkeys are not always in the pool.

Looking forward to 2015! Happy New Year everyone!


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  1. Beauty Box
    Jan 05, 2015 @ 00:19:06

    Sounds like you had a very fulfilling and interesting year!

  2. Xuan-er
    Jan 16, 2015 @ 11:03:13

    @BB: yes, it had a been a great 2014, hopefully 2015 would be a better one 🙂

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