Tess Bar & Kitchen

Tess Bar
[Throwback November] Haven’t been exploring much of the eating scene in Singapore as we try to adjust back to life in Singapore and getting used to the higher cost of living in Singapore. Yeah, personally I felt it was cheaper to eat out in Japan than in Singapore as there is a lot of izakaya choices and wallet friendly places. (Just my personal opinion) Tess bar was visited with some of my girlfriends as we were celebrating her pre-nuptials.

Tess Bar
Definitely a nice place to chill out if you don’t like crowds. (But we were there on a weekday so I can’t attest to the weekend crowd)

Tess Bar
Passion fruit mocktail, the fresh passion fruit on the side is such a sweet add on.

Tess Bar
Lychee martini.

Tess Bar
Mojito with a Singapore twist to it.

Tess Bar
Potato, sweet potato and purple potato fries.

Tess Bar
Grilled chicken.

Tess Bar
Fresh chucked oysters.

Tess Bar
Mushroom Risotto.

Tess Bar</a
White wine sauce clams.

Address:Tess Bar & Kitchen38 Seah Street, S188394


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