A lazy Christmas afternoon in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo (自由が丘)

[Throwback December] Much of Tokyo was decked out in Christmas decorations, which I enjoyed it alot since the cold temperature really helps you to get into the Winter mood. I never ventured much into Jiyugaoka district when I was living in Tokyo as it was a little out of the way for me with 2 train changes. But it is a convenient location to meet up with my friend living in Yokohama.

she wanted to check out this French Toast place called Yocca’s

We were lucky to catch a bit of their Christmas decorations as the staff was taking off the Christmas decorations when we arrived. (Japan, you are so efficient!)

Interior of the cafe

Christmas season specials.

when I saw her order, I could understand why this place is getting an average 3.2 score on the tabelog rating. The food was tasty but the appearance was a tad too sad right? The fruits don’t look crisp and fresh and the french toast looked too cooked 😦

Luckily my chocolate fondue french toast looked better though the portion was little small.

It was great to catch up with my friend and her new baby girl and by the time we walked out of the cafe, sun was already setting and time for my next destination for Christmas night….stay tuned!

Address:Yocco’s French Toast Cafe 自由が丘本店東京都世田谷区奥沢5-42-3 自由が丘トレインチ A101


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