Nakameguro Aonodokutsu 2014 (青の洞窟)

[Throwback December] One of the most popular Christmas Illumination in Tokyo for 2014 such they had to stop the lightup on weekends due to crowd control. It ran from November 23 till December 25 2014. I was lucky to catch it on the last night. You can still check out its official website for better photos.

青洞窟 中目黒
Nakameguro is also 1 of my favorite spots for Sakura. Check out my Sakura photos. It just looked very majestic to have the trees growing on 2 sides of the river and a wonderful view of pink during Spring and now blue in the Winter.

青洞窟 中目黒
As it was the last night, the whole stretch of the illumination that it was really difficult to walk or take photos. You just have to be quick.

青洞窟 中目黒
1 tip would be to start off your walk in the middle by entering from one of the smaller alleys that runs along the river instead of starting at the start point where it was the most congested.

青洞窟 中目黒
Of course, you might miss some photo chances this way but it is a 2-3 km long stretch of blue illumination. I think there is not much difference on where you start 😉

青洞窟 中目黒
I only took a short walk and left for my next stop (Yeah, didn’t I say that it was a busy Christmas day) but it was a lucky thing that we left early as the crowd just swelled as more people came after office hours….


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