Kanahira, Ebisu(鮨染井金平 恵比寿)

金平 恵比寿
[Throwback December] For our Christmas dinner, we decided to go for Japanese instead of sit down western even though it would have the Christmas ambiance cos we seriously miss Japanese food. Fresh Japanese food! So we decided to go for a course dinner at this little solo chef restaurant about 5 minutes walk away from Ebisu. (It was really hard to make dinner reservation in Tokyo on Christmas night at popular places as Christmas is deemed as a date night in Japan so most couples would be enjoying their romantic dinner together)

金平 恵比寿
Course starter

金平 恵比寿
Sashimi, the chef even had reindeer cut out from the radish.

金平 恵比寿
Grilled cod fish.

金平 恵比寿
Clear broth vegetable hotpot.

金平 恵比寿
Sushi-san pointed this out to me, he asked me if I know what it was. I thought it was just a decoration with the shop name engraved on it. But it is actually the dehumidifier box where the seaweed is kept dry and crispy….So interesting.

金平 恵比寿
For our course menu, we were also served with 7 types of nigiri sushi with fish of the day.

金平 恵比寿
Added on this grilled scallop topped with sea urchin seaweed wrapped as recommended by the chef. It was a really unique taste, the creaminess from the sea urchin mixed with the sea flavor from the seaweed.

金平 恵比寿
Not to be missed, deep fried white shrimps since it is not commonly found in the menu.

金平 恵比寿
We ended our not so romantic Christmas dinner in this small Japanese restaurant but we were thoroughly happy with the food served.

Xmas Ebisu
Decided to check out the Christmas illumination in Ebisu and so we decided to take a walk.

Address:鮨染井金平 恵比寿東京都渋谷区恵比寿西1-4-10 恵比寿ブリックス 1F

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  1. Beauty Box
    Feb 07, 2015 @ 08:47:05

    Man I miss excellent quality Japanese food too! Been away for too long. My mum-in-law loves eating sushi and tempura in Sydney, but sadly, they are poor cousins of authentic and fresh Jap food :p

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