Ebisu Christmas Illumination 2014

Xmas Ebisu
[Throwback December] Since we were nearby, we decided to take a slow stroll to check out the Ebisu Garden Place Christmas Illumination.

Xmas Ebisu
As usual the Christmas tree is crowded with couples trying to take photos and tourists with selfie sticks.

Xmas Ebisu
The walkway illumination

Xmas Ebisu
Quite a short romantic walk since the weather was cold and very much Christmassy feel.

Xmas Ebisu
Famous for their Baccarat Eternal Lights display and this year decoration was to commemorate the 250th year of Baccarat design.

Xmas Ebisu
The giant crystal light

Xmas Ebisu

Xmas Ebisu
Joel Robuchon in Tokyo.

Japan Xmas Cake
In Japan, fried chicken and fresh cream Christmas cakes is a common Christmas celebration food for families. Though a little expensive but it was really delicious, the cream was fresh and light and a utter delight to my tastebuds.

Since it is a date night, it is also common for men to rush to buy flowers on Christmas day.


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