Kanemasu Standing Bar (かねます)

Standing bar
Sushi san said that there is this standing izakaya at Kachidoki (勝どき) that he wanted to try out for a long time but didn’t have the chance before we left. I went like, what? Kachi-what? I thought that I have explored Tokyo quite thoroughly but never expect that there are more to come. So we arrived here at this really popular standing izakaya at 5pm on a weekday (they opened at 430pm) but we were 8th in line with a packed standing crowd already inside.

Standing bar
finally after 1.5 hours of wait in the cold, we managed to get 2 small spaces for us to squeeze it. First to order is of course their famous beef tendons stew which was great to warm our freezing stomachs.

Standing Bar
Hairy crab salad. They didn’t sting on the crab slices.

Standing Bar
This looks like a normal plate of Salmon sashimi isn’t it but Sushi san declared to me that this is rarely found on most menus – young salmon sashimi. Apparently they tasted much better when they are kids?

Standing Bar
The must order for visiting this izakaya would be their raw Japanse beef slices roll topped with sea urchin. I thought that I have eaten most types of raw food version in Japan but apparently there are more that I didn’t know.

Standing Bar
Grilled fish.

Address:かねます東京都中央区勝どき1-8-1 勝どきビュータワー 1F

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