Sorriso Iidabashi (ソリッソ 飯田橋)

Serriso Iidabashi
[Throwback December] We decided to meet some friends for brunch late December, it is so difficult to get any reservations for most brunch places in Tokyo when most people were on New Year Vacation (plus, there ain’t many brunch places to choose from in the first place) We finally got a reservation at this Italian place at Iidabashi (very close to Shinjuku)

Serriso Iidabashi
Ample light from the sun which makes you happier from the cold the weather.

Serriso Iidabashi
I thought this was really smart, bread was served in paper bags. Very efficient for staff shortage for the holidays.

Serriso Iidabashi
Cold cut starter

Serriso Iidabashi
Salad Stater

Serriso Iidabashi
Margarita Pizza, we also ordered other main like ham and cheese pizza and grilled fish etc but I was too hungry to take photo.

Serriso Iidabashi
Mango sponge cake

Serriso Iidabashi
But I still preferred my Sesame ice cream. I do miss such meals in Tokyo as they are usually tasty and not too expensive. This 3 course set was about SGD18 only.

Address:ソリッソ (Sorriso)東京都新宿区神楽坂3-1-5 シャトー寿 1F


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