Enroute to Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park (地獄谷野猿公苑)

Shinksen Breakfast
The main hightlight of my December trip was to make our way to Nagano for some snow and to visit the snow monkey park. Nagano is about 2 hours by bullet train from Tokyo and as usual we stocked up ourselves with food and enjoyed the comfortable train ride.

Snow Monkey Park
For this winter (Dec 20 2014 – Mar 31 2015) you can purchase the 2 days Nagano Snow Resort Pass for 5000JPY. This value for money pass is for those who planned on visiting the snow monkey park in addition with a night stay at Hakuba or Nagano as the transportation costs of visiting these places would far exceed the 5000JPY you paid. We purchased our pass at the visitor centre at Nagano Station. (Note: Payment by CASH only)

Snow Monkey Park
The staff would also pass you the bus/train timetables to visit the Snow Monkey Park. We took the early morning express bus from Nagano to Kambayashi Onsen which took about 40 minutes.

Heat warmers
In case you are worried about the cold, you can pick up these heat packs that you can stick to your clothes for extra warmth. I bought mini packs to put them into my shoes.

Bus to Snow Monkey Park
Finally bought us some drinks and snacks and headed to the bus stop near to the East side of Nagano station.

Snow Monkey Park
Alighting at Kambayashi Onsen stop and there is enough information for you to follow the directions to the Snow Monkey Park. Only in the winter we have to take this longer route as the other nearer road would be closed due to snow.

Snow Monkey Park
We visited on a day where there was a lot of fresh new snow.

Snow Monkey Park
You definitely won’t get lost as there is plenty of information along the way.

Snow Monkey Park Shop
Arriving at the gift shop.

Snow Monkey Park
Here you would start your 1.6 KM hike to the Snow Monkey Park. Please wear proper hiking shoes if you do not have any snow boots as it is quite slippery due to the snow.

Snow Monkey Park
First part of the trek with some slush.

Snow Monkey Park
The start of our hike…..

Snow Monkey Park
Yeah, we opened our umbrellas since it was snowing heavily that day.

Snow Monkey Park
Half way mark, see you won’t get lost…Lots of indicators.

Snow Monkey Park
Just enjoy your hike, breathe in fresh cold air

Snow Monkey Park
Ok, we are almost there.

Snow Monkey Park
Just a little bit more of this snow trek.

Snow Monkey Park

Snow Monkey Park
I think we are almost there! For those who are interested, you can enjoy a hot soak in the 2 onsens there and sometimes you would get some Monkey visitors to peek at you too.

Snow Monkey Park
Almost postcard view. Stay tuned for the next post with tons of cute monkey photos.

Official site: http://www.jigokudani-yaenkoen.co.jp/english/html/top_e.htm


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