New Year’s Day with Ichiran Ramen (一蘭 ラーメン)

Japan New Year First Day
[Throwback January] Woke up to rice cake seaweed and rice cake soup on the first day of the new year. Kinda lucky to have Sushi papa who is always feeding us with tasty home cooked food whenever we visited.

Japan New Year First Day
The Sushi’s dont like crowds nor are they religious, so they do not join the large crowds in the shrines waiting to have their first prayer on the first day of the year nor are they out in the malls snatching for new year goodies bags. I guess I am the odd one out, I braved the crowds at the malls to check out the new year sale but I did not go for any clothing goodies bags (since most of them would include a coat which I don’t need) this year. Some big malls have temporarily counters for you to deposit your goodies bags so that you can free up your hands to go snatch more.

Japan New Year First Day
just top of the ice berg. People people everywhere.

I didn’t get much this year and these 2 items are my favorites for this winter

Finally taking a break at 330pm for a late lunch, still there was a long line for it. I have to wait for at least 20 minutes before I got a seat.

You can request for a English one if you don’t read Japanese. Basically they are asking you how flavorful you want your soup base to be? What type of soup thickness? Do you need garlic? Do you need spring onion? Do you want the cha-siew pork (of course!)? Any chilli powder? How do you want your noodles to be cooked, tough? basic? soft?

Finally I get a bowl of steaming famous Ichiran ramen on the first day of the New Year, which is the best present for me! I miss my Japanese ramen.

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