My favorite Winter Activity – Strawberry Picking

Lake Town Strawberry Picking
My favorite winter activity and I would not miss it if there is no reason to. This time since we were short of time, I managed to find a small family owned strawberry farm that is close enough with a short drive from Sushi papa’s place.

Lake Town Strawberry Picking
We arrived there on Jan 3, the first day they opened for the season. Initially, the Sushi family was a little hesitant that anyone would even come to pick strawberries in this place but we were so wrong, we were there at around 950am and was asked to wait for the next session at 1015am. The cost was little high was early season at 1800JPY per person so 30 minutes of eat all you can strawberries. The price would decrease as we get to warmer months as there would be less red strawberries and less sweet ones as I heard. We all sat down in the heated terrace drinking some green tea while waiting for our turn.

Lake Town Strawberry Picking
Once it is our turn, there was a short 5 minutes explanation of the dos and dont’s while picking the strawberries then you are welcome to hunt down all the sweet strawberries. It was a good decision to come in early that day as by 1130am, they had to close the farm as most of the ripe strawberries were gone.

Lake Town Strawberry Picking
See, still early in the season so there were a mix of unripe and ripe strawberries.

Lake Town Strawberry Picking
Fresh strawberries really taste the best!

Lake Town Strawberry Picking
They are so juicy and sweet with a tinge of sour.

Lake Town Strawberry Picking
Care for a bite?

Lake Town Strawberry Picking
See the flesh is so white.

Lake Town Strawberry Picking
Let’s us find more stawberries to eat.

Lake Town Strawberry Picking
Super yummy!

I love eat all you can strawberries.

Lake Town Strawberry Picking
In this greenhouse, you get to eat 3 variety of the strawberries
1) Akihime (章姫) – Sweet breed with no sour tinge, easy for kids to eat, best eaten when it is the cold season
2) Korino (かおり野)- More density in the fruit, balance flavor between sweet and sour so it doesn’t taste too sweet. Has a nice fragrance to it.
3) Benihoppe (紅ほっぺ) – The most common breed of strawberries that is sold in Japan. Favorited by ladies due to its sweet and sourish flavor.

Lake Town Strawberry Picking
We wanted to buy back some of the strawberries back but we were too slow as everything was sold out… T_T See, it is not often you can get to buy such freshly packed ones.

Lake Town Strawberry Picking

Lake Town Strawberry Picking
For people who are interested to visit this strawberry farm, it is about 1 hour of train from Tokyo and another 15 minutes by food to this farm. There is a really big shopping mall + outlet at the nearest station (Koshigaya Laketown, 越谷レイクタウン駅) so I think this strawberry farm is recommended for those who don’t have time to head out too far for strawberry picking. Do check out their site for the latest opening time and hours.

Link to farm:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ally B. Jones
    Mar 03, 2015 @ 18:02:59

    Yum! *goes to the store to buy strawberries *

  2. Xuan-er
    Mar 04, 2015 @ 09:01:36

    @ally I hope the store have fresh ones like this!

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