My love affair with Japanese Potato Chips

Sorting my photos recently and realised that I have a huge stash of different flavored potato chips from Japan. Yeah, I am a super chip love that once for my Japanese poem homework that I wrote a poem about my love for it that had the whole class and teacher amazed and amused. I guess not many people would want to try gyoza flavored chips nor sea urchin chips right?

Jagapokku, awesome chips from Hokkaido

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So everything started from the famous Hokkaido Calbee potato sticks that right now they still have limitations on how many packets you can buy at the Narita/Haneda airport. Right now they limit to maximum 3 boxes per person. I guess no one can resist from these sinful, yummy potato sticks.

出前一丁photo chip

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Then I found myself checking out the racks of convenience stores and supermarkets whenever I visited Sushi san in Japan when I was visiting. Usually, more exotic flavors can be found in the convenience stores due to different tie ups. This one is supposed to taste like the 出前一丁 instant noodles.

Ume (plum) flavor and fish roe with cheese potato #chip from #japan

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Plum and Metaiko (fish roe) flavored chips are so far one of my favorites.

#ippundo noodle snack… Flavored noodles snack

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Ippundo ramen flavor chips

#Okonomiyaki flavor chips

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Okonomiyaki flavor chips

Sea urchin flavor chips…

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Sea urchin flavor chips, not for those who hate fishy smells.

Mushro pasta potato chip #Japan

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Mushroom butter sauce flavor chips

Yuzu pepper potato chips #japan

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Another of my favortites, yuzu pepper hard chips. Usually found in the late summer season. Only for spicy food lovers.

KFC flavor chips, I really liked them cos it was so hard to find them and tasted pretty close to the chicken.

Strawberry chocolate coated prawn crackers. IF you like something sweet and salty.

Dark chocolate coated prawn crackers.

Japanese lemon flavored chips, smelled really good.

Okinawa lime flavored chips and seaweed wasabi popcorns (yeah, you can have non buttery ones here too!)

Cesar Salad, thai green curry, avocado cheese and cheese filled chips.

Orange soda flavored chips, not for the faint hearted. Only found in Nagano

one of my most exotic chips I ever tasted, gyoza chips. Only found in Tochigi.

So, if you are in Japan. Do head out to the convenience store to check out any exotic flavored chips or any location limited flavors! Have fun!

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