Wang Dae Bak (China Square Central)

I know! I have been procrastinating with writing recently. Eversince we moved back, due to Sushi san’s busy work schedule we found ourselves at home more than we should compared to Tokyo. Firstly, the hot humid weather is not helping and secondly he is so tired from work that the only thing he wants to do is sleep! Hopefully, I would bring myself back to writing soon considering I watch just too much drama online recently that I am really lacking in my Japanese revision. I am trying to go for my N1 one more time this July if not I think I really need to call it quits as I have returned much of my Japanese just as I had left my life in Japan.

Wang Dae Bak
[Super throwback January] Our friends brought us here raving about how great this place is.

Wang Dae Bak
This brought a little smile to me.

Wang Dae Bak
First time seeing that you can fry your egg mixture on the side of the BBQ plate with the oil flowing out from the meats.

Wang Dae Bak
Marbled texture beef! Yum!!!

Wang Dae Bak
Re-looking at these photos made me go hungry again.

Wang Dae Bak
My Korean meal won’t be completed with no chap-chye.

Wang Dae Bak
Seafood pancake, I love the sauce more than the pancake. (Just a personal preference.)

Wang Dae Bak
Our friend was telling us how the rice balls were going to be served to us in heart shaped that we were all hyped up for it but they turned out to be huge balls instead. But nevertheless, these Jumokbap is the BEST! IT was the best tasty rice balls I had ever tried and if I do visit this place again, I would definitely order this again. The salty seaweed with the sesame oil over the rice. Yummy!

Wang Dae Bak
I dunno how the 4 of us managed to eat all these up but we DID!


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