The Pelican Seafood Grill & Bar

The Pelican
[Throwback Dec] My friend have this app called The Entertainer where after you purchase the app, you get a lot of 1-1 deals with dining, leisure and wellness. Definitely the app for those who like to eat out pretty often. So we headed down to the Pelician for our Xmas celebration (yeah, now you know how much back log I have) with the intention to use the 1-1 deal.

The Pelican
Nice place to chill out by the bay after work, with their extensive bar.

The Pelican
I always love a loaf of fresh warm bread.

The Pelican
THE PELICAN LOBSTER THERMIDOR which is their oven baked lobster rice (SGD88++)

The Pelican
BIG OL’ BOUILLABAISSE which was a stew of prawn, scallops, mussels, clams and fish (SGD 98++). The meal was pretty worth it considered we have 1-1 so we only paid for the high valued item.

The Pelican
Their lemon meringue is definitely something worthwhile to dig in if you have stomach for some sweets.

Address:The Pelican Seafood Grill & Bar1 Fullerton Road, #01-01, One Fullerton, Singapore 049213

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