Shinjuku Restaurant

Shinjuku Izakaya
Been some time since we headed for some Izakaya food, our first choice was no available so we headed over to Shinjuku. It feels good to be able to place our order with the Japanese leading waitress in Japanese…hahaha…though, it wasn’t too fluent.

Shinjuku Izakaya
Neba neba (grated chinese yam + natto wrapped with seaweed) and the tiny preserved cuttlefish from Toyama for starters.

Shinjuku Izakaya
Izakaya staples – yakitoris….

Shinjuku Izakaya
Chicken soft bone, but It wasn’t as delicious as the ones we had in Japan.

Shinjuku Izakaya
Oh, I so miss you so much – Oden

Shinjuku Izakaya
Summer staple – yakisoba.

Overall nice, to be in the environment of many Japanese speakers but the total bill is 3x more than what we would pay in Japan. But, we don’t have a choice right?

Address:Shinjuku Restaurant #01-01, Cuppage Plaza, 5 Koek Road, 228796


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