The reason for the blog hitaus

Hello all! It has been almost 2 months since I logged into my wordpress. There is a big (well, could be tiny depends on how you look at it) reason for the disappearance from the blogosphere.

Baby M burst her way in 6 weeks pior her EDD and caught us off guard. So after she was discharged from the hospital, it was a steep steep learning curve for the new parents from breastfeeding, taking care of her, understanding her cries. Moreover, I had a traumatic birth story that was like from the ER drama, so my body was also battered. It was tough trying to juggle with a new baby when mummy is sleep deprived, still recovering from her c-section wound and battling breastfeeding woes. I was lucky in a way that my milk supply came pretty quick so she is an exclusive breastfed baby from the time she was born.

Thinking about it, being pregnant was the easy part!

My pregnancy was pretty uneventful, free of morning sickness and I was quite energetic on most days. I did not send Sushi san out in the middle of the night with food cravings nor did he get any emotional outbursts from me.

However, on week 20 when we went for the detailed scan for Baby M that I was asked to go for a MRI immediately and eventually had my case transferred to a government hospital in Singapore that would be more affordable if in the event we have pre-term labor. My pregnancy complication was almost unheard of in Singapore and even most OBGYN in Singapore did not see such a real life case at second trimester with no symptoms. I was diagnosed with uterine incarceration In a way, I was lucky that it was caught by this very thorough sonograher at my first hospital as most of the time, my case could be passed off as placenta previa major

Week 20 – 22 was the lowest point in my pregnancy story that I was worried and depressed. We visited quite a number of OBGYN in Singapore both in public and private practice and most came out with the same conclusion – too risky to do anything now to displace the trapped uterus, high chance of pre term, highly complicated c-section with potential of huge loss of blood and accidental cutting into other organs, we can only monitor as the pregnancy progresses.

We read a lot of reading materials on this complication and most of the case studies were from the west and some from Japan. There isn’t a lot of medical cases similar to my situation but we were comforted that there was a high percentage of safe deliveries for both mother and child if this rare complication is detected early where the medical team knows where to cut. We were contemplating to return to Japan to deliver the baby since some of the hospitals there had done operations for my case prior but we were not sure if it was ok for me to take the flight. I could only continue the pregnancy with the hope of a miracle that there could be a spontaneous correction or trust the doctor we decided to go to for the complicated delivery.







I referred to and did inversion exercises routinely daily with the tiny hope that everything would be ok eventually.

Hence, I continued the rest of the my pregnancy and tried to enjoy the remaining journey. Baby M is a strong one who miraculously helped me to have a spontaneous correction at week 32 where my uterus sprung out of its trapped location and the ultrasound showed that everything looks normal again. We were so relieved that even though she is still breech (Which means c-section) but it means it would be a normal procedure. We were assured that everything looks normal and we should just wait for our EDD. However, Baby M has her own plans. Either she has used too much effort to move out of the trapped pelvic or she is just tired from the cramped womb, she had mummy’s water bag burst on week 34 and arrived 2 days later via emergency c-section due to cord prolapse. (another drama!)

Now, she is a healthy 9 week old baby and I am still a new 9 weeks old mummy trying to understand her needs and cries. Hence, I rarely get to have time to sit down to type anything unless daddy or grandma helps with baby sitting. Hopefully, I still get to get on my blog time to time with my food adventures (with our new member)
Can’t wait to start travelling again…….


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  1. Beauty Box
    Nov 02, 2015 @ 15:54:55

    Loved reading this although I was quite clued into your updates. What a journey! And it’s just the beginning! Can tell you are loving being a mummy 😉 I think I stopped blogging for three months after Lil C arrived haha…yup babies have a way of derailing even the simplest of hobbies…I think you should def go out and eat at restaurants and travel before she starts crawling or walking — that’s when it gets super hard. We basically either go to very casual restaurants or food courts that can put up with unruly behaviour and mess lol!! But even then, we seldom head out and eat in a lot because it’s just easier. BUT, when he’s in pre-school, I meet up with friends to have nice lunches so there’s a way to satisfy your pre-baby foodie ways 😉

  2. Xuan-er
    Nov 23, 2015 @ 16:17:51

    @Beauty Box: Thanks babe! I thought that I better pen down some of my thoughts, before I lost it all in memory. Amazingly, I had already forgotten the pain and how small she was and just amazed by her growth now. We try to go out once a week but she always wakes up when the food arrives so we have to take turns to hold her or imagine a nice lunch but stuffed down our throats. LOL
    I guess, these are the changes in our life for the our little ones.

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