Kanda Wadatsumi

kanda wadatsumi
Our first dinner out with baby in tow, she was an angel that evening. Maybe she knows that Mama haven’t had a piece of sashimi since she got pregnant and decided to be an angel to let her enjoy.

kanda wadatsumi
Sushi san ordered a bottle of sake and the server took out a container full of pretty glass ware for him to choose. I guess drinking is a form of art too?

kanda wadatsumi
We got the Omakase set dinner that evening and just waited to be surprised by the head chef. (By the way, the head chef was Sushi San’s university friend and he assured us that only the freshest fish were used in their restaurant.) Just like that they have a “fish pride” certificate in their restaurant. Chef Hara checked if we were ok to eat the white fish sperm sac, yeah it is not for the faint hearted but if you like something creamy and yet not fishy, this is to go for.

kanda wadatsumi
Next up, is stewed radish with white and dark miso. 2 extreme tastes for the miso.

kanda wadatsumi
Seared fish salad.

kanda wadatsumi
3 types of fih cuts were served for the sashimi and you can observe from the color, they were really fresh.

kanda wadatsumi
1 happy moment would be fresh wasabi. Fresh wasabi is not spicy but helps you to bring out the taste of the raw fish.

kanda wadatsumi
The fried dish, was an element of surprise for me. I felt Autmn

kanda wadatsumi
The white pops were actually Japanese rice pops!

kanda wadatsumi
Japanese beef dish

kanda wadatsumi
Ending with a bowl of fried rice and miso soup.

kanda wadatsumi
Pudding for dessert which we had to gobble down as Baby was stirring and we better hurry home for her feed. Thanks to her co-operation that I got to enjoy this whole meal in peace. (and this was the only time since than) 😛

Address:Kanda Wadatsumi50 Tras Street, Singapore 078989


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