Ginza Kuroson

Think my blog is almost collecting dust (remove dust) It is so difficult to blog with an infant at home. Not much opportunity to rest properly so don’t even talk about sitting infront of the computer

Ginza Kuroson
We have been exploring quite a bit of Japanese eateries in Singapore to make up for my lack of sashmi eating during the pregnancy. So this time, Sushi brought me to this place that came highly recommended by his co-workers.

Ginza Kuroson
Alas, gone are the days we can eat slowly in peace and we had to gobble our food here cos the little one was whining away. But still it was still quite enjoyable to be out of the house after 5 full days of being at home. I am grateful that this place comes with individual dining rooms which was helpful cos I could nurse in peace. (The staff knocked before coming in to serve our food)

Ginza Kuroson
Wasabi cheese crackers, love it!

Ginza Kuroson
He wants some salad.

Ginza Kuroson
Grilled eggplant

Ginza Kuroson
Yeah, sashimi~ This was a platter for 3 but I was really starving.

Ginza Kuroson
Missed minced tuna rice bowl and so I ordered one. Just a little disappointed that the minced tuna wasn’t so fresh.

Address:30 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238251


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