Rounding up 2015

This is what happens when you become a parent, blogging really have to take a backseat. I used to do my rounding up post on the last day of the day but guess what I was doing on the last few minutes of 2015, I fell asleep after nursing her.

Well, instagram did help me put up my best 9 photos for 2015 and some of the it are really the ONES for 2015. so let us re-capture.

Yup, my favorite activity when it comes to winter and I did eat my fill of strawberries.

Though filming was in 2014 but it was screen on the now defunct Hello Japan channel for a while. Well, my 30 seconds of fame.

Here is the interstitial if it interests anyone. (still)

Though I was stuck in Singapore but I still got to taste yummy chips from Japan, thanks to Sushi San.

Got to stay in the Ocean suite which was an awesome experience.

Caught some fireworks from our SG50 national day preview while soaking in the MBS pool.

Yup, the main hightlight of 2015 – Being pregnant

Then, becoming a mum to this little human being who arrived 6 weeks prior to her EDD. Thankfully, she is growing well.

Bought a new camera but sad to say, I havent got much chance to explore it yet.

Everything also #starwars #uno men's facial wash from #Japan

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The best thing, being able to go back to Japan before 2015 ended….

Cheer to 2015 and onward to 2016

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