Jelly Nails

My personal blogging time is really a luxury nowadays.
Micro-blogging is easier nowadays, so my Instagram is more updated with the sights and happenings (not much except milk, poo and baby cries)

Jelly Nails
[This draft has been sitting here for so long] I bought the popular Jelly Nails nail kit when I was still living in Japan (plus baby free). Though it was quite affordable to have gel nail manicure on a regular basis in Tokyo but it still adds up. I thought of trying out to do my own nails instead.

Jelly Nails
The starter kit consists of – gel nail remover, LED light, base coat, top coat, 2 colors and a brush.

Jelly Nails
Detailed instructions on how to use the kit from getting your nails ready, putting on the color and hardening the gel with the LED light to removing the gel manicure.

Jelly Nails
I bought this kit cos I thought that it is more portable with a shine LED torch but soon I realised that it was actually a much slower process with the torch as you can only work on your nails one by one. (so it would be faster if you buy the LED light where you can insert all your fingers in at one go)

Jelly Nails
Had a gel nail party with another friend who introduced this to me.

Jelly Nails
The 2 colors that I bought for my starter – bloody mary red and gold dust. Why I choose to buy this brand was cos the gel were all made in Japan.

Jelly Nails
Working on our nails.

Here are some of the works I did with the kit.

They update their site monthly with step by step videos on some DIY nails. I often refer to their site for designs.

Jelly Nails
Removing gel nails is always a hassle and I use the rubber finger glove that you put over when you are counting your cash to hold the foil wrapped remover soaked cotton in place. Much more convenient.


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