[Winter 2015] Nursing Rooms in Tokyo

[Throwback Winter 2015] It is so difficult to blog nowadays as little M takes up almost all the time I have. Had to finish this post with many naps that she took. We had a 2.5 weeks vacation during the New Year holidays to visit family and friends before I ended my maternity to go back to work. I was a little apprehensive as this time we had an extra tiny person tagging along with us. I was worried about the flight, worried about milk supply, worried if she would catch a cold, worried about nursing her, worried about pumping, worried about the new environment for her.

End up, it was not that bad. In fact, I think she adapted pretty well and enjoyed the much much cold weather compared to sweating buckets of sweat in Singapore.

As a first time mum, who was pumping and nursing during this trip. I paid much attention to NURSING ROOMS for the first time in my life. I have to say, nursing rooms there impressed me a lot. You do not have people walking in to get water like it is a pantry room, mothers wait patiently in line for their turn to use the nursing room, some would nurse at the sofas if the rooms were occupied, some nursing rooms welcomed daddies, and it is really important that the nursing rooms are CLEAN, provide hot filtered water for making or warming milk and they do not smell.

I downloaded this app called BabyMap onto my phone which is connected with a data plan. It is ok if you do not understand Japanese as you can just turn on your location setting, and use the map feature to figure out where is the nearest nursing room and diaper change area. This is app is available for both Apple and Android.

Here is a list of the nursing rooms that I had visited this trip.

1) Daimaru @ Tokyo Station

Tokyo Nursing Rooms
Entrance to the nursing room. Most would be using the diaper change stations or using the sofas to feed baby’s solid food.

Tokyo Nursing Rooms
Only 3 nursing rooms, men are not allowed inside. But it is pretty spacious and definitely no issue with pushing your stroller in. You can also put your toddler in the toddler seat so you can nurse baby in peace. You can have your own privacy with the curtains pulled

Tokyo Nursing Rooms No fret if you run out of diapers as there is a diaper vending machine here too. Nepia seems to be the brands for all the diaper vending machines that I had encountered.

2) Tokyo SkyTree Town

Tokyo Nursing Rooms
Nice and clean nursing room at the Tokyo Skytree and this one comes with a view.

Tokyo Nursing Rooms

Only 2 nursing areas but no issue with pumping as there is an electrical plug. You can have your own privacy with the curtains pulled

Tokyo Nursing Rooms
Hot water and a washing area for you to wash your bottles. Most Japanese mothers I know personally only bring 1-2 bottles out. They usually wash their bottles in the nursing rooms when they are done to prepare for the next feed.

Tokyo Nursing Rooms It is ok to forget your change pads some times. Some places do provide diaper change area paper. Tokyo Sky Tree nursing room does provide.

3) Muji @ Yurakucho Station

Tokyo Nursing Rooms
Visited the main flagship store in Yurakucho where we have the mega Muji store and the Muji Cafe. Everything in their nursing room were so Muji. The nursing room, privacy with drawn curtains.

Tokyo Nursing Rooms

Hot water and basin

Tokyo Nursing Rooms
Diaper change stations.

Tokyo Nursing Rooms

Free Muji wipes and tissues for use.

4) Tokyo Midtown @ Roppongi Station

Tokyo Nursing Rooms
Daiper change stations and sofa.

Tokyo Nursing Rooms

Nursing room, you need to share with another mother. You can close the door but it cannot be locked as 2 mothers are allowed in each time. Tokyo Nursing Rooms
Instead of the usual hot water dispenser we see in other places, this one just runs from the tap but the water if filtered for making milk.

5) Aeon Laketown Mall @ Koshigaya Laketown Station

Tokyo Nursing Rooms This mall is not in Tokyo but in Saitama but worth to check it out if you have day to spend as it is really huge and has an outlet mall too. I visit this mall more often this time as it is really close to Sushi papa’s home and with a baby in tow, it is difficult to go shopping in Tokyo at times. Tokyo Nursing Rooms
This is actually a common sight when you dispose of diapers in Japan. Most of the nursing rooms would provide plastic bag for you to wrap your soiled diaper in. If not, everyone would wrap the soiled diaper with their own plastic bags. You have to throw them in a separate bin as indicated.

Tokyo Nursing Rooms

Nursing room here is individually locked.

Tokyo Nursing Rooms
Hot water dispenser

Tokyo Nursing Rooms

Older kids can go straight to the kids’ toilet too.

Tokyo Nursing Rooms
Yup, the toddlers can play and check their heights while their baby siblings are being nursed. Remember to remove your shoes.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yu Ming
    Apr 19, 2016 @ 08:19:01

    Reminds me of the time when Charles was a newborn — baby/nursing rooms are so impt when out and about. And def loved being in the posh malls because of the awesome maternity facilities. Grandtree in Musashikousigi is kitted out for mum and bubs. They have toddler toilets as well which are a godsend when toilet training. Disneyland also has excellent baby/maternity rooms.

  2. Xuan-er
    Apr 21, 2016 @ 23:21:10

    @Yu Ming, thanks for the tips! Yeah man, clean nursing rooms is sometime Singapore still has to catch up on. Some nursing rooms here smell like toilets….

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