Minoru Diner (みのる食堂 銀座三越店)

Minoru Diner
Chanced upon this eatery as we were in Ginza Uniqlo doing some shopping. A quick check on Tabelog showed pretty good review of this place as we decided to eat there.

Minoru Diner
This place is supposedly quite crowded in the day as it is quite popular with ladies and mummies. We were there at around 730pm so we only waited about 15 minutes to get a seat.

Minoru Diner
This place is famous for getting their produce fresh from local Japanese farms and explaining to the diners where the location of the ingredients came from.

Minoru Diner
When we were there, the place was not full house but it was still a good 20 minutes wait for the food to be served (baby got a little cranky)

Minoru Diner
Fresh potato salad.

Minoru Diner
Scallop Ajijo

Minoru Diner
Mountain vegetable tempura.

Minoru Diner
one of the best dishes that night – grilled chicken

Minoru Diner
The Japanese beef was a little tough but still very fresh and juicy

Address:東京都中央区銀座4-6-16 銀座三越 9F


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