Sado Island – Day 1(a)

Sado Island

It was a long long journey for us to head to Sado Island for our family trip. We had to take a train from where we lived to Omiya, changed to a 1.5 hours ride on the shinkansen, then another 1 hour on the jetfoil to Sado Island and another 40 minutes of bus ride to arrive at our accomodation in Aikawa. Sado Island
It is about 15 minutes by bus from Niigata Station to the ferry terminal, but we took a taxi as we were rushing to catch the connecting jetfoil. It only takes 60 minutes by jetfoil to arrive in Sado Island (but almost 6000JPY for 1 way trip) and it is about 2 hours by ferry (but much cheaper at 2500JPY)

Sado Island

We chose to take the jetfoil so that we can arrive at our destination faster. I was initially worried that it might be a choppy ride but lucky for us, it was good weather and hence baby M enjoyed her first jetfoil cruise. Sado Island
As we were at the port area and it was their Sea summer Matsuri at that time so we got to see many decorated boats

Sado Island

Breastfeeding seats on the jetfoil which was clean and spacious, a very good gesture for mummies.

Sado Island
Finally arrived at Sado Island port, it was already 2 pm when we arrived. We were so famished!

Sado Island

Welcome to Sado Island

Sado Island
Everything on this island were pretty retro, made me feel I stepped back at least 10-15 years in time.

Sado Island

A lot of souvenirs were gold related due to their gold mining history on this island. Welcome to Sado
Off we go hunting for lunch near the Ryotsu Port.

Sado Island Day 1 lunch

See the plastic fake food also looked so weathered. Sado Island Day 1 lunch
But seafood was great on this island.


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