Sado Island – Day 1(b)

Sado Island

Setting off from the bus station for our 45 minutes bus journey to Aikawa from Ryotsu port.

Sado Island
Almost empty streets, shutters down on most of the shops and everything just oozed of 80s feel.

Sado Island

That weekend was the Tanabata Festival celebrations, some places in Japan still follows the lunar calendar for some festivals. Some families were preparing the bamboo for hanging the wishing stars.

Sado Island
View from our onsen hotel, Mancho in Aikawa.

crawly baby

Gone are the days where you can just lie down and be a vegetable when you check in. We still have to entertain an active baby who was crawling non stop and exploring many places.

Niigata Sake
Just how much drinks we had that night with our family. I think the reason they gave was “we have to try the different Niigata flavors”

Onsen Dinner Day 1
The tip of the ice berg of how much we were to eat.

Onsen Dinner Day 1
The grilled dish

Onsen Dinner Day 1
The cold cooked dish – crab legs

Onsen Dinner Day 1
The sashimi

Onsen Dinner Day 1
The grilled beef cubes.

Onsen Dinner Day 1
Another grilled fish with sauce

Onsen Dinner Day 1
Deep fried dish of vegetable tempura and local fish head

Onsen Dinner Day 1
The hot plate dish of abalone slices with butter. Yes, Japanese love to eat the intestine of the abalone too.

Onsen Dinner Day 1

Squid ink steamed rice.

Onsen Dinner Day 1
Amond jelly with orange for dessert. Too much food right? I was super super stuffed.

Sado Island
Took a walk around the hotel

Sado traditional dance
nightly Entertainment from the hotel with traditional Sado dances.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bonsai
    Oct 24, 2016 @ 13:20:30

    There is no better food in all of Japan than that which you find on Sado. I am glad to see Sado remain quaint with an 80’s feel! Back in my day…

  2. Xuan-er
    Oct 27, 2016 @ 14:04:18

    Yes, everything was still so serene and quaint there. So different from Tokyo! Love your nick, cos I am also a 6 foot lady roaming the streets of Tokyo ^^

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