Jojoen (叙々苑 新宿小田急ハルク店)

Jojoen is a famous high end Korean BBQ chain in Japan and received much following amongst the salarymen and Taiwanese tourists.

I had always wanted to check out this place as it seems to be the in the must go to eat list amongst all my Taiwanese friends and finally I got the chance to go my last Tokyo trip.

We went to the Shinjuku Odakyu departmental store branch when it opened at 530pm as I was due to go back to take over babysitting by 8pm. It takes about 1 hour for me to go back to my in law’s home so it was actually quite a rushed dinner. I would recommend to go eat here only if you have the luxury of time for dinner as the place gets crowded by 630pm with the dinner crowd and the service become extremely slow.

Kimchi appetizer plate.

My friend got premium set so raw beef with egg was part of the set.

Urban sky dinning, eating our dinner while watching the crowd in Shinjuku.

This was the normal cut beef and shrimp set.

Premium cut beef and lobster set. Surprisingly it was really filling and I have to admit the the beef from the premium cut was really good.

We chose the abalone congee over the udon as we were really full but unfortunately we were unable to eat our dessert from our set as it was already 730pm and I was in a rush to get home. So, if you ever decide to try out this place please make sure you have the luxury of time!

Address: <a href="東京都新宿区西新宿1-5-1 新宿西口ハルク 8F
Link to Jojoen website:


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