San Antonio’s Mission Trail

San Antonio Mission Trail

Xuan full of energy to start the trail / Mission San José /Inside the church

Mission San Francisco de la Espada / Mission San Juan Capistrano /Mission Concepción

The Alamo / The people who fought in the war / Sapnish Market

On days that I dunno what to write, I browse through my 2004 photos on my Austin stay….I had wrote about the places I visited like 2004 Thanksgving trip to California and some of the places that I visited in Texas like San Marcos, Houston, Downtown Austin……

Today we’re going for a little history tour…..We’re doing to a Mission trail. This trip was fun for me although I was going to melt under the hot August Summer sun

The Mission Trail links the five 18th-century Spanish missions that laid the foundation for modern-day San Antonio. Each of the five missions on San Antonio’s Mission Trail dates back to the days when Spain attempted to extend its reach in the New World by converting Native Americans to Catholicism. More than just churches on the Spanish Colonial frontier, the missions also served as vocational and educational centers, economic enterprises involved in agricultural and ranching endeavors and regional trade. The most famous of the Mission Trail’s missions is Mission San Antonio de Valero – best known as The Alamo. The Alamo was the first Catholic mission in San Antonio

The other missions on the Mission Trail are Mission Concepción, Mission San José, Mission San Juan Capistrano and Mission San Francisco de la Espada. Another significant historical feature along the Mission Trail is the Espada Aqueduct and Dam, the irrigation system for the Mission San Francisco de la Espada. The Mission Trail stretches nine miles along the San Antonio River, with The Alamo being the northernmost of the missions.

I remembered I started the day from Austin at 9-ish and made the 1 hr drive to San Antonio. The entire mission trail took about 5 hours cos the whole trail was followed. The day was concluded by visiting the attractions downtown San Antonio….like the Alamo, the markets, the art galleries and the River Walk.

IF you’re bored in Austin, San Antonio is a place where you can find some arty arty, bright and cultureally rich place


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