It is time to celebrate…three

before you have smthing, you need to pay
You something about the saying, you need to work for something before you get something good. For my 1st foray into Timbre, I had to climb like 5 flights of stairs and I know how unhealthy I was when I reached the top.

old school sky
The sky was exceptionally blue that day, I likey but it was also exceptionally HOT….てんきいいですでもとてもあついですよ。

I can finally understand why this place is so popular, we did not had any reservation for that evening so they gave us a really small table at the side of the stage and almost every table in the small place was reserved. By 7pm, the place was packed and by 8pm it was brimming full of people especially the outdoor sitting where people can actually stand and of course it was not that hot.

Timbre food
Our routine of beer and wings that would determine if the place is worth a 2nd visit and I say yes because of the wings only and the live music in the night. The pizza was a disappointment though…..

my carebears
Thank you my care bears, for the wonderful day and night and taking time off your busy schedules for me 🙂 ありがとうございます!And I won the scissors, paper, stone…and I get to decide 🙂 *wink*

Timbre @old school
Address: 11A Mount Sophia


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